Rue de la Paix

The team of Studio Vincent Eschalier on this renovation project has highlighted spaces that were not.

The entire surface is open-plan, the future occupants wanted a “home-like” spirit, their offices were thought of like a big apartment.

Maximum ceiling height was found, the beams of these offices under the roofs of a building in R + 6 were stripped to regain their raw appearance.

On the ground, a polished cope echoes the beams.

All the furniture has been custom designed, most of them are glossy lacquered, to contrast with the matt and rough appearance of the floor and beams.

A chic and warm night blue colour for the tables, the rows and the benches, enhances the sober and white atmosphere of the walls.

Paris (2)
6ème Sens Immoblier Paris
120 m²
200 000 € HT