This project consists of the complete renovation of a building dating from 1929 in the heart of the second district of Paris.


The trays are cured and renovated in their entirety to find significant heights under ceilings. The decompartmentalization has made it possible to expose the traversing trays, the large windows thus reveal a remarkable crossing luminosity.

From the beginning of the project, special attention is paid to the comfort of users and the valuation of the existing. Taking into account the technical and historical issues have made it possible to design the renovation project: false ceilings are limited to central circulation and thus free large open-space office space. A play of contrasting hues and noble materials reinforces this distinction between spaces: terrazzo, black Corian and natural leather confront each other and interact with existing structural elements.


Outside, the renovation of the building envelope has restored its original appearance. The facade sits on a new base of black granite from Zimbabwe. This intervention gives elegance to the ground floor and confirms the identity of the place while integrating discreetly in the surrounding context.

Paris (2)
1700 m²