Saint-Sabin offices

This project, a few minutes away from Place de la Bastille, is set in a rich and dense environment. Our wish has been to find a balance between building within the urban tissue and creating a strong identity.

The façade, spread over three vertical volumes, and punctuated by metal poles, gives the building scope and echoes the district’s industrial past. This rhythm is underlined by the use of curved glass on the façade, which also increases the penetration of natural light in working areas.


The terrazzo base provides a raw feeling to the facade and brings contrast, whilst anchoring the building in its context and ensuring the link with the street and the neighboring buildings.

 In a dynamic evolution of office spaces, strong attention has been paid to common spaces, which are distinguished by a distinctive and careful design that promotes communication and wellbeing within the building. The garden and the planted rooftops offer pleasant spaces from which one can enjoy the panoramic view of the Place de la Bastille and Paris.


Finally, the interior of the offices is entirely designed to allow flexibility of occupancy, by associating raw surfaces with noble, elegant and timeless materials.

Paris (11)

6e Sens Immobilier

4530 m²