Point du Jour


This 19-unit, 8 story building is built on one of the few plots in the area of Point du Jour in Boulogne-Billancourt. The client’s request was for the creation of a building where all the dwellings have outside spaces and a maximum amount of natural light.

These two requirements were the starting point for the design of the glazed facade, with its composition of angled bay windows and dynamic overhanging balconies.
The posts and slabs visible on the exterior are coated in white Corian. The ground floor and the the two top floors are coated in black Corian.

In the lobby, the artist Daniel Buren created a black and white Corian inlay. The bearings are dressed in wood with under hanging doors. In each apartment, the kitchens are equipped with a Corian workbench and made-to-measure storage. Finally, separative metalwork is integrated between the kitchen and living room areas.

Boulogne-Billancourt (92)
SAS Esprimm
1620 m²
4,9 M €