Richard Lenoir

In this atypical residential project, Vincent’s will is to propose two spacious and luminous houses in the heart of Parisian life, a real luxury today.
The challenge is to design two houses side by side, which never overlap in a classic context while bringing a dose of daring on a major axis of eastern Paris. Despite the small size of the plot of 113 m² and a very limited height, the architect manages to create a feeling of space and to plunge the inhabitants into the heart of the city.
The project used all urban regulations as a constraint for volume design. Thus, Vincent makes a bold design with many projections and large openings to the boulevard.

The choice of facade material skillfully participates in this dual issue. The stone brings a protective monumentality to the two houses. The one on the right is dressed in Sevastopol stone like the Haussmann buildings. The one on the left is covered with a grey Buxy stone.
Far more than two houses, two contemporary and timeless mansions have been designed here.

Paris (11)
336 m²