Offices Paris 17th

This project located in the heart of the 17th arrondissement is a rehabilitation and elevation of an office building. Outside on the courtyard side, a disbursement of the existing land makes it possible to convert the ground level into common offices and space. On the roof, an extension is proposed with the addition of a level of offices.

Inside, the depth of the building allows to define two singular spaces:
A central space serves all levels. Characterized by a subdued light and a cloth covering on the walls, it becomes a transitory and central place, in contrast with the other volumes.
The side spaces, street side and courtyard side, are directly lit by natural light from existing large bays. The existing Haussmannian language is preserved, one finds the mouldings on the wall, wood joinery and parquet in point of Hungary.

Paris (17)
6ème Sens Immobilier
1800 m²
3,9 M €