Housing Dailly

This 70-unit project is part of a private competition, the ambition of which is to build a building on land with a steep drop.

The Studio imagines a ten-storey building constructed in staircase to enhance the creation of outdoor spaces and give scale to the project.

A play of verticality and horizontality is created by an alternation of simplex and duplex housing which allows to find a “town house” format with garden or large terrace. This structure is also designed with angles to bring individuality to each accommodation and benefit from an interesting exhibition.

The white concrete architecture brings character to the place and sets it apart from neighboring buildings. This minerality is softened by the presence of wood which makes the link with the gardens.


A true link with the city, the street facade retains a legacy of the existing building by resuming its typical facade and incorporating the codes of local architecture. The use of a Paris stone on the base allows the building to be anchored in its environment. The rest of the facade, more contemporary, presents a bush-hammered concrete structure which dresses the city in a raw tone.




The interior of the building is designed to be friendly and contemporary. Circulations are generous and include the use of high-end materials such as terrazzo and woodwork.

Thanks to this staircase construction, a large underground parking lot with 130 spaces can be integrated.

Saint-Cloud (92)
Private competition
4750 m²
14 M €