After 10 years of activity, Studio Vincent Eschalier has made
a name for itself with its complex and elegant creations, always
with the ambition to offer a sophisticated and timeless architecture.


The Studio brings together a human-sized team of architects and
designers with diverse backgrounds and creative personalities which
brings a vast know-how and a unique approach, making each project unique.


Livia Solsona
Architecte DE
Valentin Excoffon
Architecte DE
Arthur Pak
Architecte DE
Anthony Péla
Architecte DE
Margaux Koren
Architecte DE
Nathalie Visnovsky
Architecte d'intérieur
Caroline Puleo
Architecte DE
Djameel Mukoon
Architecte DE
César Losfeld
Mattéo Lécuru
Juliette Jalenques
Architecte DE
Suzanne Hubert Bonasera
Architecte DE
Vlad Hladiyevskyy
Paolo Gatti
Architecte HMONP
Vincent Eschalier
Architecte fondateur
Julie Delencre
Paul Coppéré
Architecte HMONP
Federico Bosco
Architecte DE
Antonio Blanco
Architecte HMONP
Paula Bizais
Architecte HMONP
Selma Aallalou
Architecte DE
Luis Alarcon
Architecte DE

The rehabilitation of the Perrotin gallery and the construction of an impressive villa in the South of France marked the beginnings of the agency with their sober and timeless architecture. Generous spaces, radical choices and an obsession for detail constitute the firm’s signature on many creations.


Restructuring of a high-rise building in the business district of La Défense, development of a 25,000 sqm campus, high added-value reinterpretations of historic buildings, creation of contemporary residences or development of prestigious hotels and houses on roofs: a diversity that illustrates the adaptability of the studio.

Between tradition and risk-taking, the studio
creates powerful spaces with meticulous details,
and an audacious language stripped to its essentials,
thus delivering a sublimated and contemporary ensemble.
In a permanent research of perfection, the studio works
on tailor-made projects that combine high technicity,
bespoke furniture design and refined materials.