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Paris-la-Défense (92)

Project owner 6ème Sens Immobilier
Date 2017
Surface 4430 m²
Cost 5,5M€
Project manager Selma Aallalou and Nicolas Bossard
Credits Axel Dahl – Lorenzo Zandri

Located in the business district of Paris-La Défense, the Blackpearl project involved the external and internal renovation of an office tower, completed in just five months. The aim of this project was to give the facade a new monumentality and scale in the skyline of La Défense.

On the one hand, a detailed analysis of the building’s existing condition made it possible to identify its qualities by renovating, for example, the curtain walls of the secondary façades. And on the other hand, the main façade was restructured by deploying large openwork metal sails, which lend a strong and iconic character to the work. A copper dome with organic shapes covers the building and inscribes it into the urban landscape of the neighbourhood.

Inside, the space and offices were completely redesigned to allow flexibility of occupancy, blending them with surfaces left rough.