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Saint-Cloud (92)

Project owner Private
Delivery 2022
Surface 25 000 m²
Cost 65 M€
Project manager Vincent Eschalier
Credits Axel Dahl

The Studio signs a major renovation for this office complex located on the banks of the Seine at 55 Quai Marcel Dassault in Saint-Cloud.
The 25,000 m² project, which the main ambition is to create a “green campus”, brings about a major restructuring on the 12-hectare plot and the 5 existing buildings. In collaboration with a landscaping agency, the campus integrates into its development the creation of a park with multiple atmospheres throughout the plot.

To create a unit, the architect imagines a base as the ground floor common to the whole. This worked concrete base reaffirms the facade linearity and anchors the building in its context. Screened openings are used to maintain a social link with the city, these reveal the living spaces of the campus such as the halls, the concierge, the restaurant, the fitness center and the business center.

The structure of the office buildings retransmits the weft of the base in a contemporary manner. The use of wood softens the reading of the whole and is integrated in a coherent way with the park.